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  • What is the Five-Minute Coach?

    It’s an approach to coaching and leading: to engaging, empowering and developing people - with a difference.

    And it’s more. It enhances communications, changes mindsets, enables effective meetings, improves information gathering, boosts productivity, overcomes procrastination and stimulates purposeful action. All of which leads to transformed performance, better outcomes and more ease.

    The Five-Minute Coach is fast to learn through one of our training programmes - and easy to apply, with instant impact.

  • Who's it for?

    Leaders & managers

    Leaders who embrace the Five-Minute Coach no longer fight fires constantly. They get much better results as their team members take ownership of issues. They become more proactive and less reactive. They create opportunities to get a strategic perspective and make a real difference. Performance - and job satisfaction - improves for all.

    Facilitators, trainers, team and group coaches

    The Five-Minute Coach supercharges facilitators' capacity to increase engagement, motivation and commitment, to enhance communication and collaboration, to embed learning and create sustainable change.


    Coaches find the Five-Minute Coach approach revolutionises their work. The process facilitates people to deepen their thinking, move beyond their current narrative and overcome procrastination to achieve their goals with more ease.

    Other professionals

    Educators, lawyers, health professionals, ICT specialists, project managers and many others have all found valuable ways of improving their effectiveness with the Five-Minute Coach.
  • What we do

    We train leaders, managers, coaches, facilitators and teams in the various skills of the Five-Minute Coach. Each training programme is tailored to the needs of your people, delivered in-person or online, and focused on developing practical skills, fast. Here are some examples.

    Facilitating with the Five-Minute Coach

    Facilitating with the Five-Minute Coach

    Offering new techniques to build engagement, have greater impact and create sustainable change, plus tools to pass on to participants.

    coaching skills at work

    Five-Minute Coach Skills at Work

    Building the skills of listening, fast and effective problem solving, engaging and encouraging others, having better conversations and generating new thinking.

    The Five-Minute Coach

    The Five-Minute Coach

    For use as a coaching approach or for specific applications like more effective meetings, enhanced project management, motivated team members or more.
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  • The Five-Minute Coach - improve performance reapidly

    Find out more - read the book!

    A simple, step by step guide to coaching quickly and effortlessly to achieve amazingly better results at work. Short, punchy and easy to read, you'll swiftly learn about this innovative and effective tool for improving performance, and have some tools to experiment with straight away.


    Available in paperback or e-book versions.


    ‘This book has the potential to become a “must read” for leaders at all levels, across all sectors.’ – Douglas Waddell, Operations Director Hand Picked Hotels 

  • What people say


    The essence of coaching

    Listening on a deep level is the essence of coaching and it is very easy to think you know what you've heard or give it meaning that isn't intended by the client. This process helps with getting real clarity for the client about what their issue is and depth of thinking in the exploration of it.

    Liz McCann, Head of Executive, Leadership and Management Coaching, BBC

    It’s gone down a storm!

    We run a two-day senior manager benchmarking and development planning event that is innovative in its design. For co-coaching sessions we set them up with a framework based on the Five-Minute Coach model and they can very quickly start to use it. It’s useful because we’re trying to encourage coaching and co-coaching generally, and giving them a different model that they can use quickly and easily makes a lot of sense. We’ve now used it with more than 250 senior managers. It’s gone down a storm!

    Lorenza Clifford, L&D consultant, PwC

    Highly recommended

    The Five-Minute Coach has enabled me to help a lot of people help themselves in my organisation this year. As well as being a very practical framework for really effective one to one conversations, it has instilled an approach that can be usefully and respectfully applied in many day to day situations. It unlocks personal power and keeps responsibility for change in the hands of those that seek it. Highly recommended.

    Tony Piper, Inviqa