Five-Minute Coach tip: taking notes

Lynne Cooper

· Five-Minute Coach tips

Unless you have a photographic memory, you'll need to write down the words of your coachee when using the Five-Minute Coach to be really effective. Sometimes recording what others say can be a challenge. Some people speak quickly; others say a lot; some say a lot quickly. If you painstakingly attempt to write down everything that has been said you may well lose the rapport and relationship that is supporting the coachee to do their best thinking.

So here are three tips on capturing what you hear:

· Develop your own form of abbreviations and shorthand to capture more

· Select just key words and phrases; notice and write down what you think seems to be important from emphasis in the voice or non-verbal signals including facial expressions, nodding, gesturing

· If all else fails, capture just the last thing the coachee said and use that to ask your next question