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engage, develop, delegate and empower 

transform performance


The Five-Minute Coach
creating a shift change in thinking, actions and outcomes

for leaders and managers

Leaders who embrace the Five-Minute Coach no longer fight fires constantly. They get much better results as their team members take ownership of issues. They become more proactive and less reactive. They create opportunities to get a strategic perspective and make a real difference. Performance - and job satisfaction - improves for all.

for coaches

Coaches find the Five-Minute Coach approach revolutionises their work. The process facilitates coachees to deepen their thinking, move beyond their current narrative and overcome procrastination to achieve outcomes with more ease. Experienced coaches use the Five-Minute Coach to move coaching from transactional to transformational; new coaches acquire a structured, practical and highly effective coaching tool.

for organisations

With trained users in the organisation you’ll quickly find Five-Minute Coach questions being asked in conversations and meetings to create positive change. Before long, coaching becomes integrated into day-to-day communications, a coaching culture emerges and you create a forward looking, goal-oriented, engaged and motivated workforce.


transforming performance

The Five-Minute Coach is a powerful tool for improving performance. Embraced by busy managers, leaders and coaches, this leading-edge coaching approach revolutionises thinking, generates new behaviours and transforms outcomes.

changing conversations

Based on the leading-edge change technology, Clean Language, this revolutionary approach is fast to learn and easy to use both in five-minute ‘on-the-job’ style conversations and in more structured coaching. A new style of questioning and enhanced listening lead to forward-looking, enabling and productive conversations.

empowering, delegating, developing

The Five-Minute Coach mindset is all about facilitating others to think for themselves, to take responsibility and to make things happen. It engages and energises individuals as they feel more empowered, take on accountability and learn and develop.


Upcoming Events 

We work globally and our online events are run over different time zones.  For details of our upcoming programme times and dates from January 2021 email us, mentioning where you are based.

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The Five-Minute Coach and the Future

 - coach get together

26 October 16:00 BST

Coaches interested in the changing nature of coaching and the impact of Covid on working patterns are invited to this exploratory conversation.

Discover whether the Five-Minute Coach would help you

  • enhance your practice

  • expand your business base

and whether you'd like to become part of the Five-Minute Coach hub​.

One-hour max on Zoom 

No charge, no hard sell, bring a coffee!

Five-Minute Coach Online Training Programme

Starts 18 January 2021 at 16:00 GMT

Our popular interactive small group online training programme for managers. leaders and coaches is back again.

Four webinars, two group video call sessions, active practice sessions and self-managed learning.


includes a complimentary copy of The Five-Minute Coach: Improve Performance Rapidly


A simple, step by step guide to how to coach quickly and effortlessly and get amazingly better results at work. Short, punchy and easy to read, the user can swiftly learn this innovative and effective tool for improving performance.

‘This book has the potential to become a “must read” for leaders at all levels, across all sectors.’  – Douglas Waddell, Operations Director Hand Picked Hotels

This book should be on every busy manager's desk' - Gillian Philips, Director of Editorial Legal Services, Guardian News & Media Ltd.


The essence of coaching

Listening on a deep level is the essence of coaching and it is very easy to think you know what you've heard or give it meaning that isn't intended by the client. This process helps with getting real clarity for the client about what their issue is and depth of thinking in the exploration of it.

Liz Macann

Head of Executive, Leadership and Management Coaching


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