• What is the Five-Minute Coach?

    It’s an approach to coaching and leading with a difference. It’s fast to learn, easy to apply and improves performance rapidly. Creating a shift change in thinking, the Five-Minute Coach approach engages, develops and empowers people, which very quickly leads to transformed outcomes.

  • Who's it for?

    leaders & managers

    Leaders who embrace the Five-Minute Coach no longer fight fires constantly. They get much better results as their team members take ownership of issues. They become more proactive and less reactive. They create opportunities to get a strategic perspective and make a real difference. Performance - and job satisfaction - improves for all.


    With trained users in the organisation you’ll quickly find Five-Minute Coach questions being asked in conversations and meetings to create positive change. Before long, coaching becomes integrated into day-to-day communications, a coaching culture emerges and you create a forward looking, goal-oriented, engaged and motivated workforce.


    Coaches find the Five-Minute Coach This approach revolutionises the coach's work. The process facilitates coachees to deepen their thinking, move beyond their current narrative and overcome procrastination to achieve outcomes with more ease.

    other professionals

    Educators, lawyers, health professionals, ICT specialists, projec ymanagers and many others have all found valuable ways of improving their effectiveness with the Five-Minute Coach.

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  • What people say

    The essence of coaching

    Listening on a deep level is the essence of coaching and it is very easy to think you know what you've heard or give it meaning that isn't intended by the client. This process helps with getting real clarity for the client about what their issue is and depth of thinking in the exploration of it.

    Liz McCann, Head of Executive, Leadership and Management Coaching, BBC

    It’s gone down a storm!

    We run a two-day senior manager benchmarking and development planning event that is innovative in its design. For co-coaching sessions we set them up with a framework based on the Five-Minute Coach model and they can very quickly start to use it. It’s useful because we’re trying to encourage coaching and co-coaching generally, and giving them a different model that they can use quickly and easily makes a lot of sense. We’ve now used it with more than 250 senior managers. It’s gone down a storm!

    Lorenza Clifford, L&D consultant, PwC

    Highly recommended

    The Five-Minute Coach has enabled me to help a lot of people help themselves in my organisation this year. As well as being a very practical framework for really effective one to one conversations, it has instilled an approach that can be usefully and respectfully applied in many day to day situations. It unlocks personal power and keeps responsibility for change in the hands of those that seek it. Highly recommended.

    Tony Piper, Inviqa

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