More productive meetings with the Five-Minute Coach

Lynne Cooper

· Five-Minute Coach tips

We have all been in meetings where we didn’t feel engaged. Maybe we weren’t listened to, or quite possibly didn’t even know why we were there. Time and again I hear people bemoan the fact that their meetings are not productive.

The questions that form the Five-Minute Coach are all useful in everyday situations. Meetings can have a powerful start when the outcome question is used: "And what would you like to have happen?"

This question can also be phrased more fully, such as: "And what would you like to have happen as a result of this meeting?" Or "And what would you like to have happen in this meeting?" This immediately directs the attention of all attendees on what they want from the meeting, significantly increasing engagement and focus.

When attendees express what they want, others an find out more, conflicting intentions or desires are surfaced, and improved understanding is created. This all paves the way for the negotiation of shared goals or outcomes for the meeting when that is important.

This simple question transforms meeting effectiveness. It defines everyone’s intentions and outcomes; it increases meaningful dialogue; it creates a shared motivation to make a meeting productive.

And what would you like to have happen as a result of reading this blog……?