From Problems to Solutions: The Power of the Five-Minute Coach

Sophie Archibald


“Don't be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

· coaching and communication

A Shift in Perspective 

In life it can be so easy to get bogged down in the everyday challenges that face us.  

Research even suggests that venting about our problems with people can in fact bond us together. It feels good!  

Yet it doesn’t get us very far, does it? 

So what if we took a moment to look at what we really want instead, reflect on how it will feel when we achieve it, and then think about what really needs to happen to make our hopes a reality?  

Well that is what the Five-Minute Coach does.  

A Tool for Any Occasion  

Whilst I have been studying and working in the world of psychology, wellbeing and coaching for some time, I thought that enrolling in the Five-Minute Coach training would really help me develop my skills and my confidence. And I wasn’t wrong.    

I walked away from the very first session already equipped with a powerful tool to help myself and others find solutions to their problems. And what was that tool I hear you ask?   

It was simply the question ‘And what would you like to have happen?’   

That night I was with my family, one of whom was concerned about an upcoming managerial meeting with a team member who only ever came to her with problems. She didn’t know how she was going to find a way forward with this person, and it was causing her real worry, as she knew this individual’s attitude was impacting the whole team.   

So…. you guessed it! I suggested she try the ‘And what would you like to have happen?’ question to start the conversation off.    

And the result? They had the most productive and positive conversation they had to date. Moving away from problems and towards solutions has even made the employee in question turn up to work with a whole new attitude and approach. She has taken ownership of her experience.   

That is the power of the Five-Minute Coach. And I was able to make that positive difference after just one training session!   

Moving Forward    

Having completed the whole (fabulous) training program, I am now equipped with a simple, yet incredibly effective set of questions that can help people gain clarity, direction and motivation, and do so quickly.    

Those people could be coaching clients, members of my team, or I could use the powerful questions and the solutions-focused approach informally in so many areas of my life, be it a coffee with a friend or a meeting with a client. And in doing so I can make a real difference, in a short space of time.    

The supervision and feedback sessions have revealed my strengths, helped me see where I can develop and have boosted my confidence. The whole experience has indeed taken my coaching to the next level.    

And so, if you are a coach, a manager or a leader who wants to quickly and effectively help make positive change with the people around you, then the Five-Minute Coach is the perfect place to start.