The two-hour coaching session’s a thing of the past

Lynne Cooper

· coaching and communication

Coaching in an organisational context has evolved and developed in many ways over the last two decades. Two of the leading trends as we entered 2020 were the impact of technology, with more coaching sessions taking place by video conference than in-person*, and an uptake in Leader as Coach training.

Clearly the use of online coaching has accelerated dramatically since the Covid outbreak, however this shift in medium is only part of the story.  People working from home are reporting ‘Zoom fatigue’, the mental exhaustion created from extensive video conferencing. We know also that many people have been challenged to find a quiet, comfortable and appropriate space to work in their homes. Add to this the strong pressure on performance, business uncertainty and budget cuts, and it’s not surprising to see a rise in demand for shorter, less expensive coaching meetings. And whilst this suggests the days of the two-hour coaching session (complete with sofas and coffee!) to explore a client’s issue in depth may be history, the need for quality and effective coaching has arguably never been higher. Coaches have been responding to these needs with the Five-Minute Coach.

In a 2018 survey** over 83% of respondents believed that Leader as Coach training demand would increase between 2020 and 2022.  Organisations in private, public and third sectors are seriously affected by the economic aspects of the pandemic. Remote working is testing leaders in terms of engaging and developing their teams, maximising adaptability, creativity and performance. Despite substantial cuts in training budgets we are seeing a marked interest in our Leader as Coach training, focused on improving performance.

These trends were two of the key triggers for our series of virtual coffee and chat ‘Coach Get Togethers’, which started in 2020.  Coaches are invited to join us to discuss our collective experience in the world of coaching right now, and the the potential of the Five-Minute Coach approach in adapting to these trends. Get in touch to find out more.