• The Five-Minute Coach training

    The Five-Minute Coach Programme


    For managers, leaders and coaches - in fact anyone who wants to use a powerful questioning approach that supports people to think for themselves, take responsibility and make things happen.
    You'll take away:
    · Skills to support others to get results – fast!
    · A highly effective coaching approach that uncovers blockages to success
    · The way to shift from problems to an outcome focus quickly and easily
    · A model for eliciting pragmatic and effective action plans
    · The confidence to work in a non-directive way.
  • The programme

    Face-to-face or online, this highly interactive programme can be offered in-house.

    We also run an online open programme as detailed in the structure below. Please click 'Enquire Now' at the bottom of this page for dates for the next programme:






    Use your complimentary copy of the Five-Minute Coach book to aid your preparation


    Module 1


    We introduce the approach, you observe demos, start to build your skills and deepen your knowledge

    2 hours


    Module 2


    We progress through another stage of the Five-Minute Coach, with demos, exercises and discussion

    1.75 hours


    Module 3


    We conclude progress through the model, with more demos, practice and exploration

    1.75 hours


    Module 4


    You reflect on learning, build your confidence, gain more insights as you hone your skills

    1.75 hours



    Practice session


    You get the chance to demonstrate your skills and receive valuable feedback

    2 hours





    You share your experiences, we answer your questions and you conclude your learning

    1 hour


    Self-directed learning throughout

    Between modules you will tackle some reading, practise with others and, should you wish, listen again to Modules

  • Open programme cost - £499

    Includes a complimentary copy of The Five-Minute Coach: Improve performance rapidly


    'It's the one training you should do. It will revolutionise how you work.'