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    Facilitating with the Five Minute Coach


    A specialised, intensive Five-Minute Coach training for those facilitating group experiences - training, team and group coaching, running meetings etc.



    Trainers strive to increase engagement, motivation and commitment; to embed learning and make an impact. Facilitators and team coaches sometimes struggle to generate room-wide engagement, to enable stronger communication, better listening, collaboration and team work. Whatever the context, when holding and leading a group process it’s challenging to support the emergence of sustainable change – often a herculean task.


    Given the pressure for shorter interventions, even the most experienced trainers, facilitators and coaches need a supercharge to their approach that the Five-Minute Coach offers. On this programme you’ll discover how to:

    • boost your audience’s attention
    • get people listening more effectively
    • elicit, and engage, with purpose
    • enable participants’ collaboration
    • shift the energy in the room (real or virtual)
    • improve individual and group problem-solving
    • facilitate action planning and commitment to getting things done
    • create sustainable change in thinking and behaviours.
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