• Improve performance - rapidly

    the fast and effective way to engage, develop, delegate and empower


    Come and learn!

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  • Five-Minute Coach workshops

    Due to COVID-19, we are postponing our face-to-face training. We are still running our online training so get in touch for dates.

    Online option for Five-Minute Coach training

    Next start dates soon - get in touch with your time zone to plan

  • The Five-Minute Coach

    improve performance - rapidly

    transforming performance

    The Five-Minute Coach is a powerful tool for improving performance. Embraced by busy managers, leaders and coaches, this leading-edge coaching approach revolutionises thinking, generates new behaviours and transforms outcomes.

    changing conversations

    Based on the leading-edge change technology, Clean Language, this revolutionary approach is fast to learn and easy to use both in five-minute ‘on-the-job’ style conversations and in more structured coaching. A new style of questioning and enhanced listening lead to forward-looking, enabling and productive conversations.

    empowering, delegating, developing

    The Five-Minute Coach mindset is all about facilitating others to think for themselves, to take responsibility and to make things happen. It engages and energises individuals as they feel more empowered, take on accountability and learn and develop.

  • For leaders, coaches and organisations

    creating a shift change in thinking, behaviour and performance

    Five-Minute Coach for leaders and managers

    for leaders and managers

    Leaders who embrace the Five-Minute Coach no longer fight fires constantly. They get much better results as their team members take ownership of issues. They become more proactive and less reactive. They create opportunities to get a strategic perspective and make a real difference. Performance - and job satisfaction - improves for all.

    Five-Minute Coach for coaches

    for coaches

    Coaches find the Five-Minute Coach approach revolutionises their work. The process facilitates coachees to deepen their thinking, move beyond their current narrative and overcome procrastination to achieve outcomes with more ease. Experienced coaches use the Five-Minute Coach to move coaching from transactional to transformational; new coaches acquire a structured, practical and highly effective coaching tool.

    Five-Minute Coach for organisations

    for organisations

    With trained users in the organisation you’ll quickly find Five-Minute Coach questions being asked in conversations and meetings to create positive change. Before long, coaching becomes integrated into day-to-day communications, a coaching culture emerges and you create a forward looking, goal-oriented, engaged and motivated workforce.

  • Learning to use the Five-Minute Coach

    in our trainings you will learn how to:

    • move people from problem to outcome thinking
    • elicit pragmatic, effective and motivational action plans
    • coach quickly and effectively
    • create improved performance

    Training in Five-Minute coaching skills

    in-house coaching skills trainings for leaders

    Join the many forward-looking organisations actively using the Five-Minute Coach to improve engagement, develop their people and create a coaching culture. They are reporting increases in productivity, a happier workforce and measurable improvements in results – and all from some simple, but powerful, coaching questions.


    Our in-house Five-Minute Coach training programmes are designed for leaders, managers and supervisors, HR and L&D specialists and internal coaches. Programmes are structured to suit your needs and can include face-to-face workshops and/or online learning. For more extensive coach training for managers our sister business Change Perspectives incorporates the Five-Minute Coach into its Leader as Coach training.

    Learn Five-Minute Coaching skills

    open Five-Minute Coach workshops

    Available to all - managers, coaches, teachers, parents and more - are our regular open trainings. Attend either a face-to-face workshop or an online training encompassing four interactive, practical webinars to learn and practise the skills of the Five-Minute Coach. All open trainings come complete with two follow up clinics to review your Five-Minute Coach practice, and a free hard copy or Kindle version of the Five-Minute Coach: Improve performance rapidly.


    Next training dates

    Five-Minute Coach troubleshooting

    Five-Minute Coach clinics for users

    Open to anyone who has attended a Five-Minute Coach training, these regular online one-hour clinics offer the opportunity to share, reflect on, and learn from your experiences using the approach. These confidential small group clinics, led by Lynne Cooper via videoconference, help you to become more masterful in using the Five-Minute Coach in a wide range of contexts.


    Next clinic dates

  • Developing as a Five-Minute Coach

    We offer a range of options, whether you just wish to benefit from the core Five-Minute Coach skills, demonstrate your ongoing fitness to practise, or train others 


    Learn the Five-Minute Coach approach

    Attend one of our Five-Minute Coach trainings and learn how to use the approach effectively and powerfully


    The accredited Five-Minute Coach

    Build your experience post-training and apply to become an Accredited Five-Minute Coach

    - email us for information


    The Five-Minute Coach trainer

    Become a Certified Five-Minute Coach trainer

    - email us for more information

  • Due to COVID-19, we are postponing our face-to-face training. We are still running our online training so get in touch for dates.


    Face-to-face option: one-day workshop, two videoconference clinics and a free copy of The Five-Minute Coach - Improve performance rapidly



    Five-Minute Coach trainings

  • Six interactive webinars, self-study and practice sessions


    plus free copy of The Five-Minute Coach - Improve performance rapidly


    Next start date September 2020


    Email us for more information

  • Other events

    Five-Minute Coach one-hour videoconference clinics

    for those already trained to use the Five-Minute Coach.


    Upcoming dates to be confirmed soon


    £45 or £115 for three clinics


    Email us to book and for future clinic dates

  • The book!

    The Five-Minute Coach book

    Lynne Cooper & Mariette Castellino

    A simple, step by step guide to coach quickly and effortlessly to achieve outstanding results at work. Short, punchy and easy to read, the user swiftly discovers this innovative and effective tool for improving performance.


    ‘This book has the potential to become a “must read” for leaders at all levels, across all sectors.’ – Douglas Waddell, Operations Director Hand Picked Hotels


    'This book should be on every busy manager's desk' - Gillian Philips, Director of Editorial Legal Services, Guardian News & Media Ltd.

  • About Us


    We are passionate about people - how they think, act, learn and communicate. We are passionate about unleashing the potential in people to perform at their best and be fulfilled. We are passionate about the use of coaching to enable collective growth, engagement and achievement in organisations, families and communities.


    We love the work we do. We are enthusiastic about facilitating positive change for individuals, teams and beyond. We are excited by the results that people achieve with the Five-Minute Coach. Our enthusiasm translates into the success - and fun - of our trainings.


    Despite all this we are grounded. Through our sister coaching and development business Change Perspectives we work with organisations of all sizes across a range of sectors. We know how tough it is to lead in an environment of complexity and uncertainty. We understand the challenges of working in a rapidly-changing world. We recognise the challenges of trying to do more with less. The Five-Minute Coach is a pragmatic approach to improving performance within all these constraints - quickly and easily.

  • Who We Are

    the specialist Five-Minute Coach team are part of the Change Perspectives' team of highly experienced coaches, trainers and facilitators who work with individuals, teams and organisations.

    Lynne Cooper

    Lynne Cooper

    Five-Minute Coach Developer and Trainer

    The co-developer of the Five-Minute Coach, Lynne is one of the pioneers of the application of Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling in organisations to enhance understanding, transform thinking, change behaviours and improve performance.


    Lynne trains managers and coaches in the Five-Minute Coach and coaching competencies. She is an Association for Coaching Life Fellow and Accredited Master Executive Coach and an accredited Coaching Supervisor.

    Mariette Castellino

    Mariette Castellino

    Five-Minute Coach Developer


    The co-developer of the Five-Minute Coach, Mariette is trained and experienced in the work of David Grove, Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling. She is a pioneer of the application of this work in the public and not-for-profit sectors.


    Mariette’s work includes enhancing the effectiveness of top teams, enabling them to work cohesively to meet goals, coaching leaders to access their best performance effortlessly and facilitating change to happen easily at work.

    Glen Savage

    Glen Savage

    Five-Minute Coach and Trainer


    Glen is a qualified Professional Clean Coach and Five-Minute Coach and a Member of the Association for Coaching. Glen trains in leadership and coaching skills, as well as being an executive coach, a speaking coach and an award-winning speaker.


    With over twenty years’ training and people development experience, Glen brings his creative and energetic approach to working with individuals, teams and organisations around the world to improve performance.

  • What people say about the Five-Minute Coach



    in-house coaching

    Tony Piper, Inviqa

    Highly recommended.

    The Five-Minute Coach has enabled me to help a lot of people help themselves in my organisation this year. As well as being a very practical framework for really effective one to one conversations, it has instilled an approach that can be usefully and respectfully applied in many day to day situations. It unlocks personal power and keeps responsibility for change in the hands of those that seek it. Highly recommended.


    Lorenza Clifford, L&D consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers

    It’s gone down a storm!

    We run a two-day senior manager benchmarking and development planning event that is innovative in its design. For co-coaching sessions we set them up with a framework based on the Five-Minute Coach model and they can very quickly start to use it. It’s useful because we’re trying to encourage coaching and co-coaching generally, and giving them a different model that they can use quickly and easily makes a lot of sense. We’ve now used it with more than 250 senior managers. It’s gone down a storm!


    Liz Mac​ann, Head of Executive, Leadership and Management Coaching, BBC

    The essence of coaching

    Listening on a deep level is the essence of coaching and it is very easy to think you know what you've heard or give it meaning that isn't intended by the client. This process helps with getting real clarity for the client about what their issue is and depth of thinking in the exploration of it.

    master coaching

    Service Managers from various NHS Trusts

    Savings and efficiencies

    • In just over two months there’s been a 10% increase in patients seen in Ultrasound; we’ve saved up to 30 hours of work per month and machine productivity increased from 70-90%.
    • We’ve saved up to 28 bed days a month and saved two hours of consultant time per week.
    • We’ve increased capacity from 23-31 patients per day and patient wait has dropped from 26 days to two!
    • I no longer take work home. We are getting more done and morale in my team is much higher than in the rest of the department.
    master coaching

    Amanda Davie, Amanda Davie Business Coaching & Leadership Development

    It's genius!

    The Five-Minute Coach is a fantastic course to help coaches get results quicker and with precision. It’s so simple, yet so complex – it’s genius!

  • The Blog

    ruminations on coaching, performance and the power of Clean Language

    One of the most frequent questions I get asked about the Five-Minute Coach is ‘In what coaching scenarios shouldn’t I use the Five-Minute Coach?’ Great question. And so far we have not discovered a definitive answer. Each time I think that maybe we shouldn’t use the Five-Minute Coach in a...
    We intend our words to convey our opinions and concerns, to help us learn and teach, to manage and consult and to support or challenge others. And, by and large, where there is a shared understanding of language, that is what our utterances achieve. But words do so much more than this. They...
    It’s that time of year when New Year's resolutions begin to unravel. The days are short and cold, motivation drops and good intentions start to fade. In fact, today is Quitter’s Day, according to online App Strava who analysed nearly 100 million activities from January last year to conclude that...
    More Posts
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  • Resources

    more things to help you use the Five-Minute Coach


    The Five-Minute Coach has been translated into a number of other languages. Contact us to discover if we have a version in your language.

    flow charts

    Flowcharts are available for each stage of the Five-Minute Coach. Contact us for copies.

    Five-Minute Coach workbooks

    Buy Five-Minute Coach A4 four-page workbooks for use in individual coaching sessions. 20 copies for £15 + £2 postage & packing (UK). Email your order.

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