• “The role of the manager, in short, is becoming that of a coach.”

    Harvard Business Review


    A coaching culture is essential to create adaptability, responsiveness and resilience in the rapidly changing business environment. Embedding a coaching mindset and approach engages, motivates and empowers teams.

  • Leader as coach

    Leader as Coach

    This dynamic, skills-based programme is tailored to meet the requirements of your organisation's leaders, who will:
    • Learn the principles of coaching
    • Explore the benefits of a coaching-style of leadership
    • Discover when to coach, mentor, or manage
    • Enhance their listening and questioning skills
    • Learn powerful coaching tools, including the Five-Minute Coach and GROW
    • Discover how to move from problem-solving and fire-fighting to an outcome focus
    • Practise their skills
    • Experience the value of short coaching interventions for themselves
  • Led by highly experienced executive coaches who are skilled coach and leadership trainers, this is a robust programme which includes 12 hours of training, 6 hours of additional coaching practice, 4+ hours of self-study, 1 hour group supervision plus resources for participants.

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