• Five-Minute Coach accreditation

    Accrediting as a Five-Minute Coach


    Accredited Five-Minute Coaches benefit from:

    • A listing on the Five-Minute Coach web site

    • Two no-charge group supervision clinics pa

    • Discounted CPD events, including Five-Minute Coach and other Clean coaching events

    • The opportunity to support a Five-Minute Coach training programme in a mentor role

    • An Accredited Five-Minute Coach logo

    • Being at the heart of a growing coach community

    Plus, accreditation is an essential step for those wishing to become a trained Five-Minute Coach trainer.

  • To gain accreditation you'll need to:

    • Complete a Five-Minute Coach training programme
    • Attend three Five-Minute Coach group supervisions
    • Complete 20+ Five-Minute Coaching sessions
    • Demonstrate competence through a comprehensive application process

    Get in touch to find out more or request an application pack