Five-Minute Coach Online Training

You'll take away: 

  • Skills to support others to get results – and fast! 

  • A highly effective coaching approach that uncovers blockages to success

  • The way to shift from problems to an outcome focus quickly and easily 

  • A model for eliciting pragmatic and effective action plans 

  • Confidence to work in a non-directive way


includes a complimentary copy of The Five-Minute Coach: Improve Performance Rapidly

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“The Five-Minute Coach is a fantastic course to help coaches get results quicker and with precision. It’s so simple, yet so complex– it’s genius!”

                                                                              "It's the one training you should do.  It will revolutionise how you work."


Webinar 1

3 November 2020

16:00-17:15 GMT

Webinar 2

17 November 2020

16:00-17:15 GMT

Webinar 3

1 December 2020

16:00-17.15 GMT

Webinar 4

15 December 2020

16:00-17.15 GMT

Practice session

5 January 2021

16:00-17:30 GMT


19 January 2021

16:00-17:00 GMT