Support Group

Support for those with some experience

If you are trained in, or have experience of using the Five-Minute Coach, there are opportunities to deepen your skills, get support and become part of our community


The Five-Minute Coach by Lynne Cooper and Mariette Castellino offers a punchy, simple  step-by-step guide to using the approach to  coach quickly and effortlessly

Using a Computer

Develop your practice through our supervision clinics, specifically designed for those practising or trained in the Five-Minute Coach


Have your Five-Minute Coach experience recognised through accreditation, which  opens up a range of benefits for the practitioner.

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Train to be a Licensed Trainer

Learn to train Five-Minute Coach programmes and become a licensed trainer to create opportunities to enhance your business. 

Contact us for more information.

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For previous attendees of a full training, discounts are available for attending a refresher programme.  Contact us for details


Find ideas and tips on coaching and applications of the Five-Minute Coach in our occasional blog

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Join our community 

Connect with others, find resources, ask questions  through our Members forum Coming soon. 

Contact us to express an interest.

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Attend Clean workshops

From time to time we run workshops showcasing other Clean coaching approaches. Keep an eye on upcoming events.