Five-Minute Coach Online Training

This open online programme is suitable for managers, leaders and coaches - in fact anyone who wants to use a powerful questioning approach that supports people to think for themselves, take responsibility and make things happen.

You'll take away: 

  • Skills to support others to get results – and fast! 

  • A highly effective coaching approach that uncovers blockages to success

  • The way to shift from problems to an outcome focus quickly and easily 

  • A model for eliciting pragmatic and effective action plans 

  • The confidence to work in a non-directive way

Teaching sessions comprise four webinars plus two further online group sessions via Zoom - nearly 10 hours’ input over 12 weeks. In addition, self-managed practice sessions and reading amount to a minimum further eight hours.  Webinars are recorded for participants’ use only.


Image by Jerry Wang


“The Five-Minute Coach is a fantastic course to help coaches get results quicker and with precision. It’s so simple, yet so complex– it’s genius!”

Webinar 1

27 January 2022  11:00-12:30 GMT

Webinar 2

10 February 2022  11:00-12:45 GMT

Webinar 3

24 February 2022  11:00-12:45 GMT

Webinar 4

10 March 2022  11:00-12:45 GMT

Practice assessment

24 March 2022  2 hours, time TBA


21 April 2022  11:00-12:00 GMT

"It's the one training you should do.  It will revolutionise how you work."